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The Luna Loud Spin-Off
Luna Loud is Lincoln's 3rd older sister of the Loud House, she has nice, caring personality and she has a true passion for music and Rock N Roll in General as shown in the newest Loud House Special "Really Loud Music", this special focus on Luna as she enters in a song writing contest but wants to use a song that either follows her heart or something that the whole world will love. This special got me thinking like what if this is another (secret) backdoor pilot or maybe they are setting up a Spin-Off for Luna Loud in the future & i think it could be & I also think that we fans want to see Luna Loud get her own Spin-Off series (just like Ronnie Anne) & I think it could work and here's my reasons why she can handle her own show

1. Character Development: She has great character development, as it shows in "For Bros About to Rock" that we see a back story for Luna as we learn why she's loves Music so much & how it became her passion. In House Music, We see Luna develop even more as she starts a family band with her siblings so they can perform at the Family Fun Fair, but pushes her family to the limit because she found out that Mick Swagger (her idol) is gonna be there which pushing her siblings even more & keeps messing up which lead to her kicking her whole family (even her dad) out of the band, now she's all alone and meets a mysterious person at a cafe while working on the song and he tells her that having fun being a family band is more important and in "Roadie to Nowhere" Luna almost lost her passion for Music because her friend Chuck didn't make it as a rocker, so she set out for many jobs and didn't work out and but later its revealed that Chuck only sleeps in his van before a gig, which makes Luna no longer feels insecure and continues to follow her dream as a rocker.

2. Luna's Love Interest: In "L is for Love we learn that Luna has a crush on Sam, not a boy named Sam, but a Girl and we also learn that Luna is Bisexual (that she like boys and girls) and fans were happy about Luna liking a girl, cause LGBT . in Early 2019, there will be an episode called Racing Hearts where we will see Sam & Luna embark on a adventure across Royal Woods which we will see the relationship start to build up development for Luna and Sam and in Season 4, there will be a story arc focusing more on Luna and Sam's relationship.

3. The Music: Music for Luna is very important on The Loud House, her songs are incredible and inspiring, her most recent song was a Thanksgiving duet with Hector Casagrande and it was beautiful, the voice actess of Luna, Nika Futterman has a beautiful singing voice, she's rocks our world

Luna is such a great character and she's considered as a fan-favorite among fans so in conclusion i do believe a spin-off could happen for Luna Loud, we need to do this for Nika Futterman and Nickelodoen/Loud House fans all around, so let's do it

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Good idea, though there would need to be few changes. For 1. Luna would probably be taken off the main show since not much purpose to having a spin off show all about her when she's already a main character on the main show. Similar to Ronnie anne, she would be taken to a new environment or area and it focus on her there. 2. Luna would have to have a pretty good reason for wanting to leave her family and the writers would have to come up with new ideas for her plots that don't involve the loud siblings which would a challenge. Not really a point but a suggestion but bringing another sibling along with her would like luan or Lucy would be a good idea since it would give her someone to play off of and give us some more side plots

But hey I'm still down for the idea, since Luna is my favorite family member and it would be cool to see a show focused on her
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You do know those petitions don't mean anything, right?
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Nah, I'm good, I barley watch the main show at all anymore the last thing I want is to support even more "woke" Nickelodeon writers spout their identity politics in more shows aimed at kids
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I question why your dumbass needed to bump a dying thread just to whine about politics.

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