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How to be a hypocrite: 101
Here, we will discuss the various species and genuses under the hypocritiae family.

One of the most commonly appearing divisions of this family is the adminitous falsaeous, known colloquially as the tlb administrator.

The primary evolution tactic of this beast is to mimic a likeness towards specific characterization(s), allowing it to intermingle tranquilly among such species as fandamonian earliayan and sketchitius pornagraphara. However, this strand of hypocritiae is in truth, a quandary to us boorologists. In its mimicry, it cannot help but to extol its specific tastes, particularly genetic quardratic ovumous relationships, a relationship that has proven to chemically appease this beast. Yet, upon being seen near any shololitus proteins, it guards itself with what I could only observe as what we humans call “condamnations”. Any actual realistic reason for this has yet to be established.

These “condamnations” do not seem to stem from original thought, as one might be led to believe. Instead, adminitous falsaeous seems to ease itself into attaining a particularly safe space in the food web by forgoring original thought, replacing it with a hivemind. However, due to this hivemind, the main difference between the hypocritiae and contentemeienae, it is controlled by inevitable conflictory nature residing inherently. Even with its “condamnations” it still collects materials of a shololitus kind. I was lucky enough to discover evidence of this, which I present to ye masses here:

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Well it was more so whats allowed here and what isn't but that begs the question. Why make a booru of a show where the cast are kids, and why won't he call out the booru admins who break their own rules.

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