2 weeks ago
Lincoln and Sex
You’ve probably read dozens upon dozens of fanfictions showing how much of a stud Lincoln is. In some cases the females of the fic are so infatuated with him that they take a masculine perspective over his body (objectifying him as an object of pleasure.) But, I think an interesting question would be, “What would Lincoln actually want in a relationship or sex?”

My theory is, is that because his family has produced so many female units, and/or because he has been solely surrounded by them, he would.take on a more feminine perspective on relationships and sex, that being that there needs to be deep trust and real infatuation and willingness to do it. Thus, he wouldn’t be a sex-drived maniac some fics portray him as. Instead, if he is perceptably arousing, then it’s more likely for him to reject commonplace advances upon him, and for him to be thus made vulnerable.

Idk, what do you guys think. This thread is really just meant fr speculation so don’t take what I say or what anyone else says seriously, because this thread is meant to make people actually apply critical thought to this character and franchise.
2 weeks ago
Wow Friend, this theory never lets me sleep when I want to solve the mystery of why lincoln loud is the magnet for girls especially of their sisters, because white hair ?, or perhaps it is some gift that has birth.
I have read several fics to the respect, and depending on the author as illustrious and as it treated the protagonist, since some authors of fics want to accelerate lincoln to the act of pleasure (Lemon) and that is too early to continue with the plot of the fic, of the fanfics that do not contain sex and incest, they are honest to their decisions, some fics with erotic scenes, the authors keep it for later and not anticipate, but in any fan-art it is impossible to escape lincoln from desecrating it with any girl who come out in the series.
2 weeks ago
Well fanfiction in general is open to interpretation, so logically any portrayal of Lincoln in a relationship, platonic or otherwise is free game.

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