1 months ago
When was Your first sex?
Hey guys when was your first time to have sex, it's just a anonymously personal question, so so hard feeling or getting upset about.
1 months ago
My first sex was in the summer of 1805 when I sodomized my neighbor, a half wold, half dragon person. Boy was she surprised, I was about 200987 years old. Though I looked no older than 12.
1 months ago
Summer of 09, Taco Bell bathroom, 7/10 girl
1 months ago
Tomorrow. I know I've said that for the last 6,251 yesterdays, but I've got a good feeling about it this time!
1 months ago
16, porked my first girlfriend in her room.
1 months ago
When i was born, my peepee touched my momma's peepee.

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