8 months ago
The Rules
1) Pictures uploaded to the booru should be Loud House related. Generally this means it should have at least one canon character from the show. Pictures of original characters (aka OCs) are not allowed unless a canon character is included in the picture. Pictures of OCs that cannot be posted on this booru can go to our sister booru instead: http://abm.booru.org/

2) No spamming in the comment section (aka making multiple duplicate comments in the same picture or repeatedly making art/fic requests.) The spam will be deleted.

3) The report function is there so we can get rid of pictures and comments that violate the rules or are not Loud House related. Do not abuse the report function by reporting pictures and comments solely because they upset you or you disagree with them, because this makes it harder to get rid of stuff that actually breaks the rules. Just because it offended you does not mean it broke the rules. Content that is offensive but is not breaking any other rule will not be deleted and will be unflagged.
8 months ago
So if the picture has characters from another franchise, then it still violates the rules even if the background is from one of the official TLH locations?

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