5 months ago
TLH's movie on risk?
Here's what Kevin Sullivan said about the movie: “I don't have any info on the movie, either. The last i heard Paramount had decided not to make it right now. I don't know if they have plans to do it next year-no one tells the writers much of anything. Hopefully there will be good news about it before the end of the year”
5 months ago
Is that really a bad thing? I see this as a warning for the overall quality dropping very similarly to Spongebob's after the first movie released. I know, different creators, blah blah blah, but I don't wish to see it be ruined/ ended by a movie too soon.
5 months ago
I think we can only wait other updates.Who knows?Maybe it will be simply postponed.Besides sometimes is better to wait more time for a better result.
5 months ago
Hopefully it's just delayed, I too wanna see this movie someday
5 months ago
I worry that it will be ruined by dead memes.

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