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OC discussion Topic
As we have only A day left before Ocs start being removed and then heavily restricted on the booru I thought to start an open discussion topic so we can talk about are thoughts, opinions, and feelings about OCs/Lovechildren and the new rules regarding their place in the community. I also made this to alleviate some of the OC talk on other topics.

I would like to start of by saying that most of my views and opinions on OCs/LoveChildren are based on where I currently see them in the community and fandom. This may change in the future but I still want emphasize this is just my "personal opinion".

Now that's over I'm going to move on to my thoughts on the subject. I won't go into excessive detail on my problems with individual OCs/LoveChildren. I will just focus on what I perceive to be "The good, The bad and the ugly."

[The Good]
The best things OCs/LoveChildren.
I think its fair to assume the thing the community love the most about OCs/LoveChildren is their design. This is especially true for the "Main Love children". As soon the were they created a majority of the community and me took to loving them instantly while they replaced some of the old incarnations. I think for people for who are starting to hate the "Main Love children" or just aspects of individual OCs will agree they have excellent character design.
[The concept]
The Idea of OCs/LoveChildren at first was great it has giving us some really great art, fanfics, Love Children and has even inspired A few of us in the community to begin writing and drawing for the fandom. they even got me to an extent to get back into writing and start drawing and for that I am thankful.

[The Bad]
The problems I have with OCs/LoveChildren are mainly directed towards the "Main Love children" and the community they created and fostered around them.
If you don't who or what the main OCs are their basically the main Loudcest OCs made from LincolnXSister ships.

To me most of the Headcanons for the main OCs are underdeveloped with exception of the few that I think are genuinely shit. This mostly because of the stagnant in the fandom.
The inflexibility became a problem when most of the fandom starts to think you can only write or presented the OCs in a certain way. Because of this the main OCs began stagnate and their haedcanons and personality slowly started to deteriorate.
the main OCs have so become something basically akin to forced memes.A great deal of the community including me didn't really mind or care. But people keep on forcing them into every loud house thread, topic, board and it started to derail real quick. For the most part it looked like the main love children were trying to in "all honestly" overshadow the main topic, the show.

[The ugly]
Let talk about the others.

[New OCs/LoveChildren]
This the class of OCs came after the "Main Love children" and are normally seen as unwanted editions by the OC community and don't fit their dogmatic views or they'er seen as more forced OC cancer by the the community that are starting to hate OCs.
I also think their are 3 main reasons why these OCs don't work.
1.Their design isn't good enough to replace or add to the main cast
2.they're not used or forced frequently by more people
3.they were created hostile environment in which no part of the community wants anything to do with them.
Its a shame really that most artist OCs won't be appreciated and will end up being swept under the rug and forgotten.

These Love Children are Non-incest and it is for this reason that they're the most unpopular and most forgotten of the OCs. I find these OCs to be the saddest victim of the new rules as ain't part of any of the problems I mentioned.

[original characters]
regular original characters these can go.

So in conclusion I will say that I have nothing a against artist who create OCs/LoveChildren content or OCs/LoveChildren in general. I do think OCs are part of this community as they have been here sense the early days of the booru and I really don't want to see all the amazing art be removed. So of its from artist who have long sense left the fandom. But I also do belief the admin is right when he said "What began as curious novelties soon mutated into an obnoxious tumor, taking the incestshit that naturally occurs in this booru and compounding it into an even more potent cancer." The community surrounding OCs has largely stagnant with the OCs headcanon and personality deteriorating to the point of flanderization. OCs become progressively more forced everyday with them many being use for baiting, derailing or sexual fetishes. I'm really at the crossroad for wanting them to leave or stay.

I didn't get to every problem with this topic and maybe I will tell you later. Please tell your thoughts and opinions and how you feel about OCs and the new rule regarding them.
P.S lacy is my favorite and happy Luan day guys.

5 months ago
Can you blame the admins?
Can you really blame 'em after what happened with that spam long ago? Extreme steps will have to be taken so that this tragedy doesn't repeat itself. If we fans hadn't been so damn inflexible, than maybe such steps wouldn't have been necessary in the first place.

I doubt my OC would have been accepted anyway, considering how hypocritical some could be when it comes to their own creations. I mean, to believe that OC's have to follow a cookie-cutter pattern, and a consistant tone, is just plain wrong. It's not all black and white.

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