5 months ago
New Translator Group --- Taking applications
I created a translator group. The only difference between them and regular members is that they can add "notes" to pictures that allow you to put a box over text. When you hover your mouse over the text, a note pops up. Other boorus often use these notes to provide translation for non-English fanart.

Example of notes: http://tlb.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=61049

If you speak a foreign language, just ask in this thread for a promotion to translator and I'll give it to you. The most frequent non-English fanart I see on the booru is Spanish, but if you speak any other language besides English, that is fine too. I can look at the note history, so if someone just wants to fuck around and put in garbage notes, their notes will be reverted and they will be demoted back to a regular user.

edit: Even if you can't speak another language, you can take a picture you want translated (or for a translator to add the notes too if it's already been translated in the comments) and add the "untranslated" tag to it and maybe a translator will translate it for you.

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