8 months ago
Questions for artists
Just curious. How long have you been drawing, digitally coloring, etc. and how long did it take you guys to get good at it?
8 months ago
I been drawing for years but mostly traditional, I got my first tablet back in late june 2017 and that's when I started to draw actual digital drawings and I'm still improving
8 months ago
I remember my first time, it was in 2010, my first drawings were very simple and everything was done digitally when I studied graphic design, but one day I tried to draw my first drawing "lewd" and although it did not work out the first time I liked it, I kept trying and improve over time when I had an account in RULE34, the first was "Jaimeprecoz" but unfortunately I lost the password and had to start again with another password (Jaimeprecoz2), unlike the previous one I decided to learn to animate my drawings because I liked it and I saw other artists who did it great and decided to learn more and for 2 reasons:

1- the animated gif came out great.
2- I avoided someone editing my drawings because I did not like them to steal my drawings without my permission.

If someone is interested in my RULE34 gallery, here is the link below. I do little because of how busy I am at my job.

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