10 months ago
So is anyone going to get around to doing anything with Rinn loud, i.e. The Rincoln sin child?
I'm referring to the blonde on the left of this picture
I.e the incest baby of Lincoln and his own mom, Rita

I've seen one pic of Lincoln banging his inbreed daughter/granddaughter, but that's it

Compared to the content for the other abominations ( especially the unholy trinity of Lupa/Lacy/Liby) , this seems rather lackluster, and even the sin kiddos outside of the unholy trinity are getting more attention now, yet this one here is still left in the dust for the most part

You're probably wondering why I'm bringing this up when loudcest isn't my cup of tea, but I see all the other inbreed children getting a chance but this one being mostly ignored...
also if I'm gonna be honest I find the sin children and what people are doing with them interesting, even if loudcest isn't my thing personally
Is anything going to happen with Rinn/ the rincoln sin kid, or she gonna be permanently left in the dust?
10 months ago
She'll get her moment one day. All the abominations will.
10 months ago
Hopefully not.
10 months ago
once i did an attempt to redesign her a bit and flesh her out, as an addition to now vaporized Sin Files, but it never got out here
plus, i think there is already enough children for now, shit is confusing on its own, adding more extra characters will mix shit up even worse
eventually there will be time, but not now
10 months ago

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