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I created Headcanons for the Sin Children/Love Children (May or may not be used in fanfic)
Got bored, made up personalities/headcanons/whatever for the so-called Sin Children/Abominations/Love Childs, based on different sources from artists like patanu102, captaindarko, erasedhead (his comic Sin Files, tbs). Hell, I'd like to write a fanfic based on them. Credit goes to the original makers, cause I don’t have a fucking clue who they are.

Loan Loud (Lincori)
Wears super baggy clothing because she doesn’t like showing skin (not as much as her sisters, at least)
Dreadful neurosis, which may include social anxiety, GAD, separation anxiety and/or Trichotillomania
Stutters. A lot.
Somewhat of a crybaby, but she’s been getting better.
Poor thing’s just one big basket case.
In the rare times she actually calm, she can be quite levelheaded and profound, proving herself a wise and able Oldest Sibling. Unfortunately, those moments are few and far between.
In those instances, she’s given sage advice to a number of her siblings, including two particular cases that were contemplating suicide. She continues to keep a watchful eye on them.
Wears headphones when sleeping, listens to calming music and relaxing zen meditation (Recommended to her by both Lyra and Lupe).
Prefers using laptop to phone. She hates the touchscreen. Watches shocking amount of porn.

Liena Loud (Lenicoln)
Stupid, she ain’t. She has fantastic awareness of her environment, to the point that it’s said by her other siblings that there is nothing that can go on in the house that she will not know about.
Not a fan of showing outward emotion. Quite cold and clinical in nature. Some assume it’s because she hung out around Lisa a lot when she was younger.
Unlike Lisa, however, she’s very good at faking emotion, which she does at social environments. Otherwise, it’s rare to see her express anything at home.
A very good liar.
Despite being the second oldest to Loan, she’s considered de facto leader because of Loan’s “condition.” Loan complies with this.
Both girls have reached a compromise however: Liena deals with familial matters, including sibling relationships. Loan, meanwhile, handles more personal matters individually, since Liena has a hard time empathizing.
Not above using corporal punishment, but it’s extremely rare. So far only Lupa, Leia and Lupe have been victims.
Likes shopping, but more for the sake of collecting.

Lyra Loud (Lunacoln)
Started playing music at the age of 4.
Wants to beat Luna’s record for most instruments played. Is very nearly approaching that goal. Her personal favorite is the cello.
Surprisingly strong considering her lithe form. One time she performed a set while playing her cello like a bass guitar.
Acts her own roadie, which likely explains said strength.
Posh and proper. Refuses to swear. This has led to many dares and bets between siblings, all lost.
Actually has a soft, wispy voice. Difficult to hear and often repeats herself.
Is somewhat of a local celebrity. Frequently performs at local theater. Largest audience so far is 3000+.
Her favorite composer is Franz Schubert.
She secretly listens to grindcore. Her favorite band is Pig Destroyer.
Can do a surprisingly intimidating death growl.
A music elitist. Insulting her favorite genre is a good way to get your ear talked off about how much your taste in music suck, even if it’s the same as hers.
Likewise, insulting her taste in attire is likely to get you a glare that has been known to stop a raging Lupa in her tracks.

Liby Loud (Luancoln)
She prefers clever humor, and considers puns to be “lazy writing.” This has earned her the ire of Luan.
Her inspiration is Rodney Dangerfield, and she’ll frequently wear a tie just to imitate his famous tie motif.
Her braces are a sensitive topic for her. When she first got them, she starved herself because she couldn’t stand how they felt when she ate. She’s made her peace with them.
In one particularly infamous incident in the household, Lupa and Liby got in an intense fight which culminated in Lupa trying to rip out her braces. She very nearly fucked up her teeth as a result. Lupa continues to feel bad about it to this day, and shyly offered to spoon feed her when she got back from the dentist. Liby’s cool with it now.

Lacy Loud (Lynncoln)
Hyperactive x10
She’s a motormouth.
Most likely to walk around the house in her underwear. Lupa tried following her example, but stopped when she was made fun of for her flat chest.
Has to take sleeping pills to get tired.
Doesn’t like sports. Oh, the irony.
Nevertheless, she likes to work out.
Has a Youtube channel where she talks about animals, ARRRGH!, workout techniques and her sisters. She recently hit 1 million subscribers, in which she celebrated by putting out a video that had both highlights and a very nice thank you to her subs.
When she grows up, she wants to be a spider-monkey.
Not allowed to drink soft drinks, not since the New Year’s incident.

Lupa Loud (Lincy)
Sometimes she’s mad but sometimes she’s not…
...as mad.
Quick to anger and very good at holding grudges. Has broken numerous things in the past out of rage, most notably a television and the window of her parents car.
Needless to say, she’s the instigator of the most arguments in the house. Other siblings learn to give her space during her episodes. She appreciates that.
Outside her temper, however, she’s otherwise quite laidback and chill. Loves her siblings unconditionally and secretly pines for their affection.
Dabbles in the occult. While she picked up the interest from Lucy, she takes it far more seriously. She openly identifies herself as a practicing LaVeyan Satanist. Has been secretly trying to convert her siblings, but they’re onto it and usually just humor her.
Has a hidden tattoo that only her older sisters know about: The Unicursal Hexagram, an important symbol in Thelema. It’s inside her right bicep.
Has been arrested at least twice.
Frequently smokes
ESPECIALLY around the baby.
Swears more than Gordon Ramsay after stubbing his toe
ESPECIALLY around the baby.
She and Lyra secretly listen to Black Metal when nobody else is home. Her favorite band is Anaal Nathrakh.
She and Leia consistently butt heads. Lupa refers to her as “gremlin” while Leia refers to her as “witch” (Inspired by http://tlb.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=51170; seriously, “gremlin” is A+ insulting). Flipping the bird is tantamount to a greeting between the two.
Conversely, she and Loan have a quiet, symbiotic relationship. They both provide comfort for each other. Loan calms Lupa when she’s riled up, and as a result Lupa actively avoids antagonizing Loan. It’s quite sweet.
Likes bees, hornets, wasps and yellow jackets. She’s gone as one every Halloween since she was 5, and models her clothing colors after them. No one knows why.

Leia Loud (Lolacoln)
She’s a massive Japanophile. She wears schoolgirl uniforms and occasionally says Japanese phrases. Reads manga. Only watches subbed anime like the otaku she is.
Favorite Japanese phrase is “Dattebayo!”
Not as big a bitch as Lola, but just as manipulative.
Sometimes uses her manipulation powers for good.
Massive daddy’s girl.
Calls everyone she hates a “slut.” Has gotten her sent to the principal in the past.
Goes to Lyra for fashion advice. Lyra secretly enjoys this.

Lizy Loud (Lanacoln)
More of reptile than girl.
Somehow more tomboyish than her mother
Has a weird habit of flicking her tongue. Everyone’s hoping she’ll grow out of it.
During winter, she’ll “hibernate” which is really just laying in a fort of pillows and not move for hours. Usually lasts until next meal time.
She is an artist, especially with finger painting. Her favorite style is the Baroque style, her favorite artist is Caravaggio, and her favorite painting is Saturn Devouring His Son. The last one has earned her many questioning looks.
Doesn’t talk much. Prefers to observe her environment.
Got in trouble at school for painting a nude woman. Parents proceeded to sue school for “infringing their child’s creativity.” Case is still going on to this day.
Lyra hates the fact that Lizy is the only one of her sisters she can talk “culture” to.

Lupe Loud (Lisacoln)
Mute. (Inspired by Erasedhead’s Sin File)
Quite expressive with her hands. Knows hand gestures that most girls her age shouldn’t.
Not nearly as smart as Lisa, but just as eager to learn.
Has been made fun of for her lack of voice. She tries to put on a stoic front, but it hurts her deeply. Has had to be comforted many times from many different siblings, often in tears.
Siblings have learned to interpret body language and hand gestures when “speaking” to Lupe.

Lani Loud (Lilycoln)
She’s a baby.
Destined to grow up to bring harmony to the Loud Family.
11 months ago
What about Lemy, Luna and Lincoln's son? I like your headcannons so far and I'd like to see if you have any ideas for him.
11 months ago
MrB said:
What about Lemy, Luna and Lincoln's son? I like your headcannons so far and I'd like to see if you have any ideas for him.

Lemy's a guy, and by that nature is divisive at best and scorned more often than not. Don't expect people to really do much with him outside of patanu for quite a while, if ever. We've had plenty of ideas get thrown into the proverbial red-headed step-child basement for less.

And while I'm here, you can indeed edit your posts.
11 months ago
I don't mind Lemy, but he's more strictly Patanu's character than the rest of these who are more ambiguous, so I didn't want to feel like I'm gypping his creation.

If it's cool, I'm fine to do them.
11 months ago
Witchfinder said:
I don't mind Lemy, but he's more strictly Patanu's character than the rest of these who are more ambiguous, so I didn't want to feel like I'm gypping his creation.

If it's cool, I'm fine to do them.

That's alright. I didn't think about that before posting. Also good luck on that fanfic if you decide to do it, I've been waiting for some new good fics and I think your character ideas may fit the bill.

And @lupafag, I suppose we'll have to wait and see. I'm pretty sure I saw a drawing from ADullPerson featuring Lemy, so we have at least one artist outside of patanu who may draw more of the character, but I do agree that it'll take more for him to really catch on.
11 months ago
By god
This fandom is legend
11 months ago
MrB said:
I'm pretty sure I saw a drawing from ADullPerson featuring Lemy, so we have at least one artist outside of patanu who may draw more of the character, but I do agree that it'll take more for him to really catch on.

I know, I'm the one who uploaded it here. But it's not likely to really happen. People have quite a lot of disdain for sons.
11 months ago
New headcanon
Loan sleeps with a filthy frank body pillow
11 months ago
I did Lemy
Lemmy Loud (Lunacoln)
His real name is Lemy, but he spells it as above as a tribute to the late, great Lemmy Kilmister.
Metalhead going through the honeymoon phase. In a few years, he’ll learn to appreciate other genres.
His relationship with Lyra is every bit as antagonistic as Lupa’s and Leia’s.
They secretly love each other though.
Like Lupa, he pines for his siblings affections. His intentions are a little more obvious, however.
Has crossdressed more than once. Secretly enjoys it.
When he was younger, he went through a serious gender identity crisis, feeling that he was in fact “too masculine” to be considered a Loud sibling. Talking with Loan and getting into metal have helped this.
Can’t play an instrument to save his life. He does, however, have an Absolute Pitch (a rare auditory phenomenon characterized by the ability of a person to identify or recreate a given musical note without the benefit of a reference tone). Lyra discovered this by accident and is INCREDIBLY envious of it because she does not possess it despite her musical talent.
He also possesses an above-decent singing voice, but is embarrassed to admit it.
His favorite metal band is GWAR.
Has the largest bush of hair among his siblings. Wears headband to simultaneously push back hair and look cool. Only succeeds in one of the two according to Lyra.
Has peeped on a number of his sisters. Only half have noticed, and half of that continue to do it anyway or beat him up.
Despite his dark appearance and taste in music, he’s actually a very positive and happy person. Probably the only one of his siblings that isn’t fucked up in the head.
I personally see him as a fusion of K.O. and Turbo K.O.

Also I'm throwing some ideas down for that fanfic. We'll see what happens.
11 months ago
Figures the thread dies as soon as I post anything about Lemy.
10 months ago
Cool headcanons. So are there any relationships going on between the kids?
10 months ago
Witchfinder said:
Figures the thread dies as soon as I post anything about Lemy.

These threads don't last long outside of the stickies anyway.

Sprocket said:
Cool headcanons. So are there any relationships going on between the kids?

Let's not open up that can of worms, please.
10 months ago
I like those headcanons. I might a few of those for stuff.
10 months ago
^ Huzzah! I have reached enlightenment!

More may be coming. I actually might look into the whole "sibling relationship" thing, and the worms shall be unleashed from their cylindrical aluminum prison.
10 months ago
interesting headcanons
10 months ago
>inspired by my sin file
oh, stop it, you
10 months ago
10 months ago
Lemy kinda resembles Layne Staley
10 months ago
I don’t know who that is.
10 months ago
^He was the late singer in a Band Called Alice in Chains. He has a voice and pitch that really rock in the 90's until he died of a drug overdose.

When I see Lemy and read the backstory of him in this Forum, and his overall appearance it kinda resembles more or less like Layne.

Like examples of his voice.


But that's my opinion. But it makes you wonder if he got a voice that makes him unique than truthfully he would be great Sin Child character who can sing.

But sadly there are some who will think differently.
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