1 years ago
Thus forum will basically be for making requests, be it fanart,fanfiction, or whatever
Like for example " I wish someone would draw a cute sfw Ronniecoln fluff pic where they're having a picnic"
Or " I wish someone would draw a gory picture of Luan slitting Maggie's throat"
You get the idea
There is one rule though- I don't want details about your sexual fantasies so if you want nsfw just be vague and just say the characters and the ships, if someone wants to draw it, you can contact them with the details
Like for example, " i want nsfw of Rita loud and Jessica rabbit" or whatever
Tf you madmen want
I thought a general forum for this kind of thing would be useful
1 years ago
Since there is no PMing system here, it might be difficult to be vague about NSFW requests, so I'm not really going to enforce that rule.
1 years ago
Is it possible for someone to draw the Louds driving their van and trying to drive away from Lizard Tail (from 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker?)
1 years ago
i would like a marvel superhero fanfic with the louds as different heroes i even have ideas for who should be who
1. Lori as professor x
2. Leni as the hulk
3. Luna as ghost rider
4. luan as carnage
5. lynn as x-23
6. lincoln as deapool
7. lucy as the punisher
8. lana as spiderman
9. lola as venom
10.lisa as mr.fantastic
11.lily she would be normal

and before anyone says anything i know ghost luna lincpool and lynn-23 were created by patanu i just really liked that idea and kept it the same
1 years ago
I was thinking some kind of drawing of a nicktoons "tsundere"/love/hate girls club
Could be funny
I mean like some kind of club with Ronnie Anne and other nicktoons girls that display hate/love "tsundere" tendencies like Helga and Cindy being forced to hang out with each other and talk about their love/hate deal they have

1 years ago
Some Linc x Lucy fanfics that are actually well written would be greatly appreciated. I've been going through the pastebin stuff, and most of the ones I've read are just... terrible. Either the pacing is bad, the plot is inconsistent or outlandish, or the characters are too "out-of-character" and don't even fee like the same characters from the show. I think the only good one I read is the one where Lucy makes ASMR videos and Lincoln develops a crush on her. I was reading one called "Lucy's Idol: Collection of cute Lucy/Lincoln moments" that seemed promising, but I fucking HATED the way that one ended. What's the point in writing Lucy having a crush on Lincoln if he's just going to reject her and say he only loves her as a sister? They already feel that way about each other on the show! The whole point of fanfiction is to indulge in what the writers of the real show won't give us. Sorry about the long reply, I just had to vent. Anyway, like I said, my request is some quality Lincy stuff. Someone please give me hope that Lincy still has a chance. Wubalubadubdub.
1 years ago
Not gonna lie I'm gonna admit that I wish there was more ronnielynn

shippiping BS aside, I've Been binge-watching jimbo nutrin and I think it would be amusing if someone drew something referencing that scene in "Birth of a Salesman" where that Salesman robot jimmy built started trying to sell/auction jimmy off, and people started getting into the bidding,but, you know, with Lincoln being sold/auctioned by the robot instead of jimmy, and someone else would have to have been the one that built the robot
( all sfw, but that should be obvious with the jimbo nutrin thing)
I figured this joke would make sense considering the way Lincoln is treated by the fandom
Update- if anyone's wondering what scene in talking about
1 years ago
I would like to see if someone could write a fanfic about Lynn Sr. having sex with all the older children. From Lori to trap Lincoln and all the girls in between. Maybe a chapter for each kid
1 years ago
^ you can somehow tell @skywalker260 is a father looking to do things to his children.
1 years ago
Some kind of joke comic where someone tries to use a magic potion to give Lincoln an incest harem because they ship loudcest but it doesn't work right and instead of developing incestous feelings they develop religious/ feelings and start worshipping Lincoln like a god
And build a religion around him

I don't know it could be funny in the right hands

( sfw)
1 years ago
I think we need more lisacoln in general(sfw/nsfw pics or fics)
1 years ago
Let's just assume all my requests are sfw unless confirmed otherwise
I kinda want to see a fanfic/comic that's played for comedy/ is a comedy where someone creates a device/potion or whatever to try to give Lincoln an incest harem
( sans Lily)
but they acidently end up using the device/potion on Ronnie-Anne and now she's stuck with an unwanted harem of loud siblings ( yeah she likes Lincoln but this is not the way she wants things)

Or maybe Ronnie Anne "took The bullet" for Lincoln and it wasn't an accident idk

Ronnie-Anne is forced to work together with Sam ( who's upset by the situation because she likes Luna)
and the other L is for love < love interests > (who may or may not be interested idk) Bobby, Clyde, the Sadie Hawkins girls ( hey, there talents could be useful)

and some background qts to return everything to normal while keeping a watchful eye on Paige and some of the other girls to make sure they don't try to steal Lincoln

( after the device/potion or whatever is no longer in the picture probably )

But the person who started this mess in the first place isn't done yet and is lying in wait and plotting on how to make their original plan of an incest harem occur
All in all this is a bad day for Ronnie-Anne

Endgame is Ronniecoln and Suna

11 months ago
Here we go (sfw, like you would expect something else from me at this point)
Star and Marco feat older loud sister harem
So basically Star and Marco sharing Lynn, Luan, Luna, Leni and Lori with each other
Because I like stoud and Loudco since I'm a weirdo
11 months ago
A fic where Lincoln has a foot fetish and gets to indulge it with his sisters.
11 months ago
A new Lincoln louder sense the old one is gone
11 months ago
Crossover ships (sfw)
Star and/or Marco X Luna, and/or Luan, and/or Leni
Star X Luna
Luna X Jackie ( Svtfoe)
Luna X Janna (Svtfoe)
Marco X Teen Lucy
Luan X ( Milo Murphy's law/MML) Bradley Nicholson
Candace X Lori
Lincoln X Trixie Tang
Lincoln X Veronica ( fairly odd parents)
Lincoln X Pacifica Northwest
Lincoln X Isabella ( Pnf)
11 months ago
Praying mantis Leni
More Praying Mantis Leni like in this fanart!
11 months ago
I want a foot fetish fic with Lori and Leni.
11 months ago
Request plz
You guys remember that fic about Lincoln having schizophrenia and thinking Luna is a real sister with like three ending? Will can someone do a fic like the excepted Luna actually manifest herself in to reality.
10 months ago
blendin blandin shows up and grips Lincoln firmly while screaming at him to stop having so many kids
I don't know why he would care, you think of something
I just thought it would be a funny way of lampshade the Lincoln fankid situation

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