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[Tagging] Tagging & Uploading Images
Honestly, it’s been a long time coming, but there probably should be a thread about tagging & uploading.

While some people are content with wading through pages and pages of the booru to see what they've miss, tags make it easier for everyone involved to traverse this site. Though only so many people may bother tagging and uploading stuff, there needs to be something that people can refer to, to at least get some sort of common consensus som in the occurrence that one of those few people leaves, anyone else can pick right up. For that, this thread is to discuss tagging and uploading standards.

At the moment, users with accounts and Anonymous users can upload images and tag their image on the upload page, but only users with accounts can tag already posted images.
3 years ago
Suggested Guidelines
Tag the Artists and/or the Source :
Not everyone can easily recognize or distinguish styles from different artists, and not everybody is going to know where you got it from. Though some people may be more interested in keeping track of fan art by characters, the artist tag and source is still important, if not more so because generally anyone is going to be able to recognize the characters and tag that at a point in the future. If an artist isn’t known, or they don’t have a name put unknown_artist

If you are uploading from a source with non-permanent links, like a thread from 4chan, discord, or it is original art you don’t have to source, but remember to either tag the artist or put unknown_artist if you genuinely don’t know.

Tag What You See & Tag Consistently :
While some tags are going to be booru specific, (shipping, character names, locations, etc) I recommend that if you tag an image keep tags consistent with what you see here and what you’d see elsewhere, and that with tagging it doesn’t hurt to “over tag”. If you come across an image that you think is missing a tag, or missing multiple tags, then just add the tags. It makes it easier for you and others, later.

A good resource for tags to add if you aren’t sure would be, though keep in mind what’s used here, as well.

Take Advantage of the Tagme Tag
The tagme tag appears when you upload an image with less than 4-5 tags already applied. For the most part, it’s a mark that somebody was lazy in uploading, but it can also be used if you think an image isn’t tagged enough, or if you don’t know if you tagged it fully.

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