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Unf son


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When Lori and Leni step into the shower, it's like living in their own world. Stripped of whatever gives them their identity, the girls no longer see themselves as sisters, but as lovers, with a desire to put each other in a loving embrace as the water rains down on them, hoping it lasts for all eternity.


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@anon4, I agree~ Wow, this is so hot~~~

@anon6, that is so beautiful! :crying: I will make that prompt into a story. I must. It's too amazing to pass up. Thank you~


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Stop making Leni gay incest with her sister please


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@AberrantScript No prob, go for it. I'm a writer myself, but making a story like this clashes with my self-imposed standards, specifically no sex in explicit detail and no familial pairings with intent of incest. Good luck.


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^^ Semi-agree with Anoncraptastic up there. Love the gay Leni, love the incest. Would love to see Chaz up in that more though.


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Something about guys and lesbian porn


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^^Replace Chaz with me and we'regood because I'm on the same level as him.


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U a chubby ginger with a hard on for dumb blondes?


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Yeah, nobody would like that


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@anon6(first page) " a loving embrace as the water rains down on them, hoping it lasts for all eternity."

I was reading that last part while I was listening Empire Ants from Gorillaz.
It was something...magical...I guess


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"U a chubby ginger with a hard on for dumb blondes?"

U a dickhead that has a hard on for chubby gingers? You'll be perfect for his collection of frozen idiots!


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amazing, hope this gets colored soon


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So hot

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