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Posted on 2019-08-11 17:25:58 by Misha

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@MegaRider Some of those reasons may sound good to the person making the point, but to others it can sound like horseshit.

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@MetalBrony You're not convincing anyone by the fact you asked for this to be drawn.

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why jfmstudios whhhyyyyyy!! :,(

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@MetalBrony823: Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Did you ever consider making commissions for controversial ideas as an anonymous user? It could really take the fandom's lynch mob mentality off your case.

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Lynn Loud Jr. conception was a mistake...

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Lol mistake?

There's Clyde torture porn all around here and abuse of various other characters. How's this as mistake? Why backdown now when you were on a roll with My Little Pony Spike torture porn.

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^^Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

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Cyrus_ what are you talking about?

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So let me get this straight. drawings where characters like Clyde and Sam are getting abused is okay because of petty reasons (boring character, interference with loudcest and so on) yet drawings where a questionable character like Lynn getting abused is wrong? what the fuck is wrong with this backwards fandom LOOOOOL No wonder we're infested with trolls, we're literally the biggest pussies on the planet LOL

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^People just hate it when the almighty and powerful loud sisters get hated on because "respect all wahmens!" People can give less of a fuck about lincoln clyde, the parents, and all of the side characters in the show, but we dare as so not like the sisters were suddenly the bad guys.

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