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Posted on 2020-09-14 03:26:32 by Emanoel_Ribeiro

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Posted on 2020-09-21 17:56:19 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
^You have to find me you worthless, Ignorant Supreme Court murdering, hypocritical piece of Donald Trump cocksucking piece of shit! And even then, I own a hand cannon and would blow your fucking brains all over a sidewalk!

"Nigga you just said what I said but sugar-coated. Also if Keemstar is a retard how come he lives in a mansion in New York off of just youtube money?"

You are a fucking terrible liar! I can't wait till Biden crushes your BDSM master in November you commie loving, Putin cocksucking, devil worshipping asshole that is too stupid to get a Youtube account shut down!

Posted on 2020-09-22 01:38:30 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
What the fuck did I lie about you fucking commie?

Also suck my dick. Virtually. AND GIVE ME YOUR SOUL YOU FUCKING PILE OF GOO! So I can get immortal life and then...fuck asses.

Posted on 2020-09-22 07:53:40 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
^You cannot read what I reposted you illiterate pedophile! And you can't get no soul if you don't know where I am you stupid Donald Trump cocksucker! And hey, somebody tried to poison him the other day! I bet your stupid ass faked it to get him the sympathy vote!
Well, guess what, Biden is going to pummel Trump to pieces and then Biden is coming for your pedo loving ass!
So once again, kill ReelinInTheYears66's Youtube account and I will concede defeat. Otherwise, go fuck yourself dipshit!

Posted on 2020-09-22 07:56:04 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)

The most recent Loud House episodes did a 0.49! How does it feel to be stupid?

Posted on 2020-09-22 11:06:34 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
^Yeah well as long as the show is still enjoyable to both me and the people at Nick Animation studios, I could care less about the viewer count.

But this sounds like a personal problem. How about you go to Nick Animation studios to settle this in a civil manner? You and KaKakaKeemztar both.

Posted on 2020-09-22 16:59:36 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
@Darcyfag: What I say about talking to or about me. Keep my fucking screen name out your posts motherfucker.

@Chink_Blowz: How about I kill your anal virginity by shoving an explosive metal dildo up your ass, faggot ass nigga.

Posted on 2020-09-22 22:43:52 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
^^Hey, you stupid fuck, if The Loud House numbers continue to drop even further, Nickelodeon is going to change their mind about doing a season 6!

^Why don't you go back to getting people to vote for Trump you pedo loving cocksucker or better yet, destroy ReelinInTheYears66!

Posted on 2020-09-22 23:08:27 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
^Actually, a lot of shows are showing low viewer counts these days. Not just with Nick but also Disney. Spongebob being the sole exception, but Nick's only gonna run the animated shows with the top two viewer counts and kill off the others.

And I have a feeling It's Pony is going to be the next Loud House unless it makes a comeback. But Nick is probably gonna put Loud House on life support until it can find another slice of life cartoon that can replace it. (It's Pony and Ollie's pack are contenders due to their substantial ratings by critics)

Posted on 2020-09-22 23:20:38 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
@Chanzi: Let me think about that for a Gay boy.

Posted on 2020-09-23 17:14:19 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Reported)
^^Keep making excuses, dipshit!

^Fucking coward is what you are, NRA dickrider!

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