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Posted on 2018-01-22 02:48:35 by Anonymous

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I would like to read a fanfic which Lincoln and all his sisters live togheter with their sin daughters.I'm curious to see how they live.Also of course some scenes of sex between Linoln and his sisters(both betwwen only 2 of them and also more than 2,especially I would like to see an orgy between all the 11 siblings)but also normal bonding scenes between the siblings/parents/aunties and their kids/nieces(I would like a version with older siblings but I would like more and find more funny and interesting and original to read a weirder version which they have their canon ages.Maybe because of some experiment of Lisa also the younger sisters could give birth and maybe,to make things even weirder,Lisa could use a potion to grow up her daughter and nieces,so some of the the sin kids will be older of some of the siblings and also in this way they can have a more complete personality and not be babies and also in this way could be funny to read the strange feeling to have parents really close to your age or even younger than them(for example Lacy can have 12 years so she will be 1 year younger than her mother and also 1 year older than her father).If it was me to write I would do:baby Lulu/Lupe(I'm not sure of the name)Loud,2 years old Lani Loud,6 years old Lizy Loud and 6 years old Leia Loud,10 years old Lupa Loud,12 years old Lacy Loud,14 years old Liby Loud,16 years old Lyra Loud,17 years old Liena Loud,19 years old Loan Loud.Also I would like to see the relationship between Lynn sr. and Rita and their grandchildren and also their struggle to accept the fact that their children are in an incestual relationship.I would also like to see which will be the plan to hide this to society,maybe they will say that all the new 10 Louds are adopted and I also would like to see their plan to get more money to support their family and I also think that they will buy a bus for the family.I would also like to see the relationship between the sin kids and the other members of the Loud family,like Pop-Pop,aunt Ruth,aunt Shirley etc and also the relationship between them and the friends of the family like Clyde,his parents,Rusty,Liam,Zach,Margo,Bobby etc.I would also like to see the sin kids will have an incestual interesting between each other and to all their parents/aunties.Maybe to make things interesting it can be made that some of the sin kids will have difficulties to satisfy their sexual desires).

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^ oddly specific description
however, i(who made this pic) am currently creating a universe for a big fanfiction about sin children, as well with a possible comic
it isnt exactly what you described, but grows in the same direction pretty much

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^I'm anon1.Well,I augur you good luck.What's your nickname?So in future I can read your fanfiction and fancomic.Only a curiosity,this AU will be with siblings older than they are in the canon show or the siblings will have their canon ages?I hope the last,but of course you are free to decide.

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Best game of 2016

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@anon1 I wanna read the fic that has the exactly same story of yours! That would be my dream fic

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Best girl has best taste

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I'm anon1,I was thinking,since some likes my idea for a fanfiction,if it is a good idea to spread my idea in other posts so maybe a good writer could decide to actually make this fanfiction.What do you think?

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P.S:of course I said this because I'm not a good writer,besides English isn't even my first language and so I would make many errors if I would try.

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It's always me,anon1.I thought that maybe I need to make clear another thing.Of course when I said that I was thinking to spread my idea in other posts,I didn't want to offend the author of this picture or say that he is not a good writer(besides how could I say this if he hasn't published his work yet?).I said this because he wrote that his fanfiction will not be exactly the same thing and when I read the comment of another anonymous that said that he really wanted to read the exactly same story,I thought that so I'm not the only one that want this type of fanfiction and so I thought to spread my idea to make known this concept.So I hope that my comment wasn't misunderstood and especially I hope that the author didn't misundertood my comment as an insult.

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And so I augur you again good luck with your work.I'm sure that you will do a really good fanfic.



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