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Posted on 2018-01-14 00:17:02 by JaviSuzumiya

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Aww! So cute!

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Well, I expect that Pure Lynn remains Pure.

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I want more QwQ

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Look I like this but big difference between pure Luna and pure Lynn pure Luna didn't just change clothes and grow her hair out who ever made pure Luna wanted to make her a different person to have a different personality this pure Lynn thing just seems that she changed clothes and took her hair band off she doesn't seem like a different person sorry If i seem alittle nip picky I just watched an episode of nostalgia critic

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^I'm picking up on that.

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Lincoln: One day, I'm going to be removing that red dress!

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Next image should be Pure Lola.

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There should be a pure Loud House au. No joke.

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Sinful-Trash, but I'd get the feeling if certain sisters are pure, others would not be. Like Pure Luna could be an opposite to an degenerate Lori.

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