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Posted on 2017-09-13 21:18:33 by Smudge_Proof

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Commission for Barbnon, contact me if interested!

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With that outfit she seems to be a Nurse.

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This has to be the best I've seen Smudge Proof do on a Loud House drawing so far.

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Lincoln: Can you cure me, Dr. Goodensexy?
Lisa: It is your blonde bimbo sister in a Halloween costume, you moron!
Lincoln: Don't remind me!
Leni: I'm a doctor, now, Lisa! I graduated at Harvard. The mere fact that I'm blonde and have a breathy voice, full sensual lips, and a steaming hot body doesn't make me a bimbo.

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@Anonymous 1

Doctors appropriated the scientist white coats in the 19th century after they switched to science based medicine to distance themselves from the old ways when they used black coats.

So yeah, I think it's little surprise sexy scientits uniform would look like sexy nurse.



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