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Posted on 2017-06-20 03:00:54 by s617519

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Just stop "drawing".

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^Stop fartting in here

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Hey, you know what? What you're seeing besides the text is a parody of one of the movies from my CHILDHOOD! That's right. I saw the first three Ice Age movies when I was younger, and I'm starting to remember the third one, and YOU'RE only gonna ruin my childhood. You know what? That's it! Guess what, ugly-ass faggots. - You can take your mean-ass attitudes somewhere else. I'm not in the fucking mood to hear your bullshit. I'm just trying to make really good on this site without ANY haters on it. And YOU'RE making it extremely difficult. You have half a mind right now to get your goody-two-shoes bullshit out of my face before I start doing it in YOU'RE faces. AND, nothing's gonna stop me from drawing. Good day!

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I did this one IN COLORED PENCILS!!!

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^ The others you saw were crayons.

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Sorry. I am SO sorry. I just want my art to get more upvotes, and you have no idea how much I HATE downvotes on it.

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s617519 i love your art. all you other ugly faggots begone. jeez majority of you are GROWN ASS MEN AND WOMEN, AND YOUR BUSY BOTHERING SOMEONE WHO LIKES TO MAKE ART? YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. but s617519, with all due respect, you have to expect this on the loud booru. its like the underworld on undertale. its kill or he killed. but in this case, its troll or be trolled. but if you ignore it your basically powerful. so just ignore them. if every artist stopped making art jst because one person or a group of people didnt like it, we would have NO art at all. there will always be a group of haters. just give the middle finger and ignore them. love your art. love your fans. forget the haters. if i were to make art on here, i wouldnt care if i had to click on the hidden tab just to see my art. i would love it regardless. you must do the same. love your art and embrace it. also man i love ice age. thanks for changing ice age to loud age. already have title.

loud age: roar of sistersaur

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I better not bring back too much of my childhood. - I went to the Waxing Museum once when I was younger, and when I saw a robotic-controlled, yet real-looking dinosaur, I cried my socks off. (sighs) That just brings back some bad memories. I went with my step-mom back then, and she said she would never take me again, but this was only because I was that scared.

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Oh by the way, does anyone play Ice Age Village and Ice Age Adventures?

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