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How to mass download from the booru
Since various characters have hundreds of fanarts by now, it can be tedious for new fans to get all the artwork of their favorite sister/side character/whatever, so here is a guide that will tell you how to mass download the images you want.

You can use something called a "Bulk Image Downloader" (or BID for short) to spare yourself a lot of the tedium. Google it, and buy a copy of the program, or pirate it if you're poor and/or cheap.

After you're done downloading, open the readme text file and follow the installation instructions.

After you get your BID all set up, you can start up the program. To download images, simply put in the address bar of the website you want to download from into the "Url of image gallery" field on the BID window.

To download the entire booru, put in "http://tlb.booru.org/in...s=list&tags=all"
To download all images of Lori_loud put in "http://gravityfalls.booru.org/in...ist&tags=Lori_Loud"
To download all images that have both Lori and Leni in them, put in "http://gravityfalls.booru.org/in...p;tags=Lori_Loud+Leni_Loud"

For other things, you can simply do a search for whatever you feel like in the booru and copypaste the resulting address bar of the search results into the "url of image gallery field." Don't forget you can use the minus key to filter out unwanted material. For example, if you want to download Lynncoln, but just cute stuff, not smut, you can do a search for "Lynncoln -smut."

After you got your "url of image gallery" field filled out, press the green circle arrow button to scan for images. If you did things right, the large blank field at the bottom of the BID window should populate with the relevant images. If everything has progressed smoothly so far, press the button next to the green circle arrow, which is a picture with a square and a blue arrow pointing downward. The images will all go a "Bulk image downloader" folder in your documents by default, but you can change it by clicking on the little folder next to "Download to folder field."

After the images are done downloading, just go to the output folder and enjoy your new pictures however you please. You can share cute Ronnie Anne pictures with 4chan (she's cuter than Lynn!), or fap to loudcest like the sick fuck you are. Have fun.

If you have any questions, or are having trouble, please post them in this thread or ask about it in one of the Loud House threads on 4chan or 8chan, I'll be happy to help you out.

Follow the instructions, and once you have the older BID set up, you need to do an extra thing, or else it might not work.

You have to go to "configuration > advance configuration > multi page galleries" and add this to list:


Then you can use it to download galleries normally.

If you want to ask where you can find a download, tough shit, I'm too lazy to find it, go find it yourself.
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A link to a mass downloader.

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