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season 3 discussion
share opinions/short reviews on new episodes of S3
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today's episodes
City Slickers I feel was the better one. both plots had a solid beginning and end and the Casagrandes made the episode feel longer and more elaborate which is always a good thing. the conclusion felt kind of rushed but I think the trade-off of character interactions made up for that pace. make no mistake I would've loved to see Ronnie's gang get more screen time since they're new but I get that they were only there to play their small part and reassure her. The Casagrandes are still charming, I liked how the hallway scene was similar to the one in Relative Chaos, like that's their iconic intro.

meanwhile, Fool Me Twice is the same episode as last time with a different ending. except for the fact that there were no pranks and it was just plain torture, did we really have to see all and each of them faint before someone smashed the tv? but it did good in chewing up a good chunk of running time. also, doesn't the ending give you hope for the future? the family finally got back at Luan and maybe this will be the end of these episodes.

1 weeks ago
idk, anyone can tell me if that this is gonna be the last season
7 days ago
Luan said she had a plan saved for next year, or next season. They're not goin' anywhere.
6 days ago
Sullivan said Sam will have a speaking role in an episode next year. It could be that episode will be from the tail end of season 3, or from season 4.
so this shitty show is going to have more seasons...Oh Jesus

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