6 months ago
Loud House Writscrib Group
Writscrib is a new website that is in open beta. The creators were tried of callout posts and antis acting like faggots on tumblr, so they decided to make their own website where you can post pretty much whatever fanart/fanfiction/fancontent you want. Even incest, even loli, even shota, as long as it's fictional.

I started up a Loud House group that will allow pretty much anything the booru allows. I thought it might good place for people to put their fanfics instead of having to use that long ass fanfic thread full of pastebin links. Or put fanart without having to worry about some SJW trying to report you and get your account deleted.


It's in open beta, so anyone can sign up, but I think it's like Ao3 and they're approving signups in batches at the moment, so you might have to wait a bit.
6 months ago
Sounds cool. I'm in.
6 months ago
You had me at Username. Let’s work to make this group a place of peace for Loud House fans.

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