2 weeks ago
Rare pair requests?
If there's any less common pairings you'd like to see, be it something sinful like Santiangcest ( Bobby x Ronnie Anne) or something /relatively/ normal like Leni/Sam, this is the place to input your requests
Obviously requests for popular pairings like Lynncoln or Ronniecoln should be asked for somewhere else
2 weeks ago
Lincoln x Renee
2 weeks ago
Lana x Shy qt
Hunter Specter x that ghost that blew Ray in Ghostbusters
Carl Casagrande x his grave
Leni x ms. DiMartino x lasty x Beatrix
2 weeks ago
Mrs. Santiago x Rita
Mrs. Santiago x Ronnie Ann
Carol x Sam
Polly x Tabby
Mrs. Santiago x Mrs. Johnson x Rita
Carol x Rita
Carol x Miss Dimartino
Mrs. Santiago x Rita x Lincoln

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