2 months ago
Hi loudcestors, is this your first time shipping incest or not?
Pretty much what the title says
Is loudcest your only source of incest ships, or do you have other incest ships, like Pinecest or whatever, and what incest ships are they? And what are your loudcest ships while we're at it
2 months ago
I only really like loudcest my favorite ship is lynncoln with lunacoln in 2nd place
2 months ago
TheExistentialist Origins
Actually, not only is this my first incest ship, this is my first ship, period. Up until now I never got this sort of thing, it was just something I saw a select group of people doing on the internet with the terrible fan art and fan fictions and stuff... And then, one day at my aunt's house, I'm sitting in the living room, browsing on my phone, and my little cousins are watching the Loud House. At first I gave it no attention... I mean, it's just another dumb kid's show like everything else they watch. But for some strange, unknown reason, I found myself slightly watching it while on my phone, I think it my was the Space Invaders episode. I kept watching, and I became fascinated by the concept of a single male surrounded by females, but the character that caught my attention the most was Lucy for some reason. I don't know what happened on that dark day, but somehow I became hooked, and I started watching it myself at home, and eventually, I couldn't deny it. I wanted Lincoln and Lucy to be a couple. I knew they were siblings, but strangely enough I didn't seem to care. Hell, it might have even made it better. The desire for those two to be together has gotten to the point where episodes like Back in Black not only pissed me off, but made me a little depressed. It was another cruel reminder that my ship would never be canon. How could it, after all? It's incest. I feel like I should be studied by a group of scientists over this strange phenomenon, because nothing like this has EVER happened to me before in my life. I was once one of the normal people... Now look at me... A FREAK WHO USES A CANCEROUS SITE OBSESSED WITH A FICTIONAL INCESTUOUS SHIP! I'm done... I think I need to play some Origins. Gamer tag is Nirvana8330 if anyone here plays bo3 on PS4...
2 months ago
I also like Bart x Lisa,Charlie Brown x her sisters(Suzzy or Sally,I forgot),Pinecest,Johnny Test x his sisters,those are just some examples
2 months ago
Nope, I ship Pinecest as well. I also dabble in other fandoms from time to time.

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