3 months ago
Need help
Does anyone remember the name of that one fanfic were Lincoln room is to cold during the winter to sleep in so every night he bunks with his sisters in tell his rita says to sleep in his own room but she finds out how cold it really is so she lets Lincoln bunk with her an tell Lynn sr gets home and try's to carry Lincoln to his room and feels how cold it is and lets Lincoln sleep on his room well he sleeps on the couch.

Does anyone have a link or know the name of the fic?
2 months ago
It's the final part from a series of ficlets written by Immorticon, what you are searching for is the 'Bite-Sized Ficlet: Bed Buddies: Lynn (FINALE)' ficlet, here is the whole "Bite-Sized Ficlet Bed Buddies" series:

Bite-Sized Ficlet: Bed Buddies: Luna

Bite-Sized Ficlet: Bed Buddies: Leni

Bite-Sized Ficlet: Bed Buddies: Lori

Bite-Sized Ficlet: Bed Buddies: Luan

Bite-Sized Ficlet: Bed Buddies: Lynn (FINALE) -

It's a comfy and nice story.
2 months ago
Thank you my friend
2 months ago
That's out of order. It should be Luna, Leni, Lori, Luan and then Lynn.
2 months ago
Sorry my bad, thank you for pointing that up, I've been kind of busy as late so I couldn't arrange the fic order before but It's fixed now.

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