9 months ago
No more hate comments on s617519's art
Everyone's been hating my art, and it's actually hurting my feelings bad.
9 months ago
You're too late... 4Chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica have influenced this generation into a right-wing stance, and if you want to avoid it, you're gonna have to move to imgur or something. idfk
9 months ago
I recommend downloading some books on how to draw better, particularly in the areas of anatomy and perspective, and then applying the lessons from those books to your work.

You can also try growing a thicker skin.
9 months ago
I think it's just the fact we want to keep a stander for the art on TLB. For now @s617519 art is by far way below others, it would be hard to find a worse artist right now. I walk next to a art class in university, even the 60 score students art would get less of a burn then "his". start with a print of a cartoon, try to copy it, I started that way. I don't make any art but that's how i started to lern about the many ways one can do the same cartoon in over 15 ways. My first cartoon was Garfield, If i would have started with humans from the start it would looked like your art, the TLH characters are not for beginners and sex is even way ahead from just doing them.

PS there are bad artists here and there on TLB, but it is ether funny or cute, your art is nether.

9 months ago
i agree with Misha and Louder here
if you dont want to see hate on your things, then improve your skills through a lots of time on practice
btw the hatestorm under it is the most enjoyable thing about them, so you have a long path ahead of you

>there are bad artists here and there, but is either funny or cute
so im a bad artist, but are my things funny, cute or neither in that case? just askin'
9 months ago
^ ok @Zerstort, think about it as if it is "America's got talent", your art is entertaining at 6-7/10. @s617519 on the other hand is a 0.2/10 and isn't even worth clicking on. You post a story with your art so your a writer at the same time, and i can actually tell your art is improving from post to post, at times its cute others a sketch. "BUT" your art by no way looks as if it is shaming the other artists on TLB. My father kept a sketch i did of a Gogo toy from when i was 4, when i first saw @s617519 that same 4 year old pic came to me, it is that bad of an art level.

and I had a form of Agnosia till i was 7, that's how bad @s617519 art is.
9 months ago
you gotta practice and better yourself. or just dont care about the comments. i understand you want some positive feedback, but if your not getting it, just ignore them if you really like posting pics here.

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