9 months ago
A quick question...
So after reading through some of the arguments that go on in the comments section on some of these images, I was wondering... what exactly is the age range on this site? I only ask because some of these insults people use against each other are really, REALLY lame. They're what you'd expect from a middle schooler. A lot of them lack any thought put into them, and it almost makes me wonder if the arguments are even real or if it's just a bunch of verbal kayfabe. There's no way someone could get THIS upset over kid's cartoons... right?
9 months ago
Originally, the website was only shared on 4chan and 8chan, so the userbase was mostly people in their late teens and 20s. People started sharing links on facebook, tumblr, ifunny, and so the kids and retards from those sites came here.
9 months ago
We should build a wall around the booru. Make TLB great again.

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