The loud house sort of sucks
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's thinking this, but the loud house has been ass recently. Most of the newer episodes have either been meh or terrible with there being very few good episodes in between. My theory for why the loud house has been sucking monkey fuck currently, is because the writers seem to just focus on everything except for comedy and character building. But I want to know other users opinions on what they think about in the down grade in quality.
9 months ago
they have
Lincoln needs contact with other friends, i know the show is about him and his sisters but the Clyde centered episodes are boring. The "job insecurity " was just a fill on info about the father. Rita has had no episode on her for the longest time and we know she is Lincoln's favorite. "ARRRG" was shallow, I hoped it would let Lincoln get above his sisters for the first time.
There is a need of 3 way episodes (not lewd)Like "home invaders". Such as Lori fears for Leni's future so she runs Lincoln on how to help her when she is gone. Luna and Luan enter a talent show only to end up trying to rope Lincoln to help them ending with him upstaging them in the talent show to get them to work together to win him(nether win so it doesn't turn bad for Lincoln). A Lisa Leni episode that has them bound, Lisa finds out Leni isn't dumb, just thinking out of the box and tries to help with Lincoln mold her.
I just came up with 3 ideas on the spot, how did the writers make such boring episodes when they have 2 months between each showing?????
9 months ago
PS Lisa is becoming more disturbing every episode, there is a heavy need of a story that has her think about world views.
9 months ago
It's an okay show, to me. A few problems, but it's meh. I mean, I know I've said I didn't like it in the past, but it's kinda grown onto me, a little.
9 months ago
It's not one of the great animated series by any stretch, but I don't know if I'd say it full-on sucked, even just recently. More hit and miss.
9 months ago
Bait threads
Magnum dongs
Those episode ideas sound better than the actual episodes we've been getting.

Also on the subject of Clyde, I get that he's in the show to relate kids without siblings, but he might as well be lame black Lincoln with gay dads. It doesn't help that the writer's do fuck all with his character besides echo everything that Lincoln says and creep on Lori, yet he takes up 50% maybe even 60% of the show. If the writer's actually made him different from Lincoln, people would actually like him. An example is that he could be overly confident of himself, it would be a less annoying way of showing us that he a loser and it could lead into good comedy. Also having him pass out every time Lori comes on screen isn't funny its just annoying, I say either get rid of it entirely or actually make it funny.
9 months ago
i wouldnt say it sucks it's just having a few dud episodes

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