3 months ago
[Tumblr] Downloading Original File Size
I don't know if this deserve its own thread or not, but someone pointed out that apparently tumblr isn't as restricted to the 1280x1920 resolution size, as usually thought.

For an example I'll use post #41399, Concert Time by BunnyAbsentia and CoyoteRom, because their images are usually really big.

You've got the usual 500/540 and 1280, with the 1280(x1920) being the generally accepted resized image to save:

However, if you put "raw" where the numbers usually dictate the resolution, you'll get the original uploaded image, which you'd usually have to wait to find on deviantart or some alternate site, if the artists even HAS one, or has it set up to let you download the fullsize:

Just something to keep in mind when uploading, or when saving anything you really like from tumblr.
3 months ago
This may be useful....
Hate when sites resize images before post or restrain the original resolution after...
2 months ago
This is very useful information. Thanks for sharing!
2 months ago
Update: Occasionally you might get an error when doing the "raw" trick.

For example, I'll use , Haciendo Galletas by Takeshi1000.

Building off of what was already said, at the moment, this link would lead to a 404 error:

Far as I know this can be consistently circumvented by just removing the prefix numbers, leaving "media.tumblr":

Supposedly you can also remove the numbers and the media prefix, entirely, replacing it with "data", though I don't know if that's as consistent in working:

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