9 months ago
[Tagging] Shipping
By now it’s apparent that shipping seems to be a big deal, whether you’re pro- or anti- something or another.

This was asked about earlier, but these should be most of the tags regarding shipping which you can easily search for or, if you make an account, you can blacklist. If there’s a ship you don’t see that’s already tagged, or if you want to suggest a tag for a ship, post it in this thread.

Note: Quite a few of these end up being made up on the spot, and are often tagged with pics that aren’t essentially “shipping” pics. These are not universal across the fandom and may come with variances depending on where you look
9 months ago
Lincoln x Family Ships
Lilycoln (Lily x Lincoln)
Lisacoln (Lisa x Lincoln)
Lolacoln (Lola x Lincoln)
Lanacoln (Lana x Lincoln)
Lincy (Lucy x Lincoln)
Lynncoln (Lynn x Lincoln)
Luancoln (Luan x Lincoln)
Lunacoln (Luna x Lincoln)
Lenicoln (Leni x Lincoln)
Lincori (Lori x Lincoln)
Rincoln (Rita x Lincoln)

Sister x Sister Ships
Lolana (Lola x Lana)
Lynncy (Lynn x Lucy)
Lyan (Lynn x Luan)
Luana (Luan x Luna)
Loruna (Lori x Luna)
Loreni (Lori x Leni)

Santiago Ships
Lucyanne (Ronnie Anne x Lucy
Ronnielynn (Ronnie Anne x Lynn)
Ronniecoln (Ronnie Anne x Lincoln)
Bobbycoln (Bobby x Lincoln)
Lebby (Bobby x Leni)
Bori (Bobby x Lori)
Bobbyanne (Bobby x Ronnie Anne)

Loud x Dance, Dance, Resolution Girls Ships
Tabbcoln (Tabby x Lincoln)
Linku (Haiku x Lincoln)
Gigg-HAHAfuck no
Pollycoln (Polly Pain x Lincoln)
Haikucy (Haiku x Lucy)

Lincoln x QT ships
Browncoln (Brown QT x Lincoln)
Cookiecoln (Cookie QT x Lincoln)
Pandacoln (Panda QT x Lincoln)
Shycoln (Shy QT x Lincoln)
Sweatercoln (Sweater QT x Lincoln)
Thincoln (Thicc QT x Lincoln)

Misc. Character Ships
Lincstina (Christina x Lincoln)
Lunstina (Christina x Luna)
Maggicoln (Maggie x Lincoln)
Luaggie (Maggie x Luan)
Lincarol (Carol x Lincoln)
Lenrol (Carol x Leni)
Agncoln (Ms. Johnson x Lincoln)

Genderbend Ships:
Lynnka (Lynn/Boy Lynn x Linka)
Larscoln (Lars x Lincoln)
Larska (Lars x Linka)
Maglars (Maggie x Lars)
9 months ago
Clyde Mcbride Ships
Clily (Lily x Clyde)
Clisa (Lisa x Clyde)
Clola (Lola x Clyde)
Clana (Lana x Clyde)
Clucy (Lucy x Clyde)
Linclyde (Lincoln x Clyde)
Clynn (Lynn x Clyde)
Cluan (Luan x Clyde)
Cluna (Luna x Clyde)
Cleni (Leni x Clyde)
Clori (Lori x Clyde)

Clydeku (Haiku x Clyde)
9 months ago
You forgot the ships with Lincoln and Qts
9 months ago
Lincoln x Side/Background Qts Ships
Agncoln (Agnes Johnson x Lincoln Loud)
Browncoln (Brown qt x Lincoln)
Cookiecoln (Cookie qt x Lincoln)
Dancecoln (Dance qt x Lincoln)
Lincarol (Carol Pingry x Lincoln)
Linku (Haiku x Lincoln Loud)
Lincstina (Christina x Lincoln Loud)
Pandacoln (Panda qt x Lincoln)
Pollycoln (Polly Pain x Lincoln Loud)
Ronniecoln (Ronnie Anne Santiago x Lincoln Loud)
Shycoln (Shy qt x Lincoln)
Sweatercoln (Sweater qt x Lincoln)
Tabbcoln (Tabby x Lincoln Loud)
Thincoln (Thicc qt x Lincoln)
7 months ago
I'm going to be tagging Sam+Luna pictures as "Suna" if everyone is cool with it.
7 months ago
It looks like Luan's guy's name is Benny (from the envelope during the montage), so I'm afraid I must insist the ship be called "Luny".
6 months ago
Just some threesome ships I thought might be used

SunaColn (SamxLunaxLincoln)
LuniColn (LunaxLenixLincoln)
LuaggieColn (LuanxMaggiexLincoln)

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