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[Images] How and Where to Get Images
To help others in finding fanart, I’m proposing a thread in explaining where stuff on the booru comes from while also highlighting some places people can go to search for and post art, themselves. If I do this right, the first few posts will be a few of the places I look, but if you have suggestions or tips for others feel free to post them, as well.
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First Rule of the Internet
4chan, and by extension 8chan, is where somewhat of a bulk of this booru’s content is made and what this booru was primarily aimed towards. Some artists exclusively post in very specific threads on these sites and if work isn’t saved *poof*, it’s gone. As well as that, this is where anons requests artists for stuff, or where certain things become memes, invoking a period of interest in a specific topic, for example “Americ-Anne” or the infamous “Baby Slut”.

4chan /co/ Board:
The western animation and comics board. Keeping it simple, while The Loud House discussion is small, the occasional thread can still attract the oft drawfriend and a breath of fresh air from /trash/.

/tlhg/ or The Loud House General:
One of the main hubs of The Loud House discussion, or at least used to be. /tlhg/ is a spicy cesspool of crime and villainy, found on the /trash/ board because topics were deemed too unsanitary for /co/. If you don’t speak Spanish or you don’t like incest, you’re fucked, but generally, even if you don’t do either, you can lurk, talk with others with a fair amount of leniency, and requests art from artists, all while having a decent time.

/co/ & /aco/ Drawthread:
Outside of specific cartoon/comic threads, the drawthreads allow anons to request art from artists, though whether you get a popular one, a good one, or even a monkey’s paw request is up in the air. Deliveries are collected on /co/llection booru.

8ch /co/ Board:
Technically where the booru was started from, this board is essentially a deader 4chan /co/. While discussion there is certainly free, threads are dead, especially ones for The Loud House, but it doesn’t hurt to cover your bases, and you might find you like it there more than others.

8ch /loli/ Board:
One of the saving graces of 8ch is the ability to create specific boards, with /loli/ being one of them. While The Loud House isn’t too big there, occasionally requests are made in their drawthreads, and if loli is your thing, well, there you go.

8ch /kaatyuun/ Board:
Board made by somewhat popular artist, simon. Here’s where he and other welcomed artists occasionally post their stuff based on western animation and comics.
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Korean Sites
As you should know, the world is larger than just the Americas, which leads into a more foreign part of the Loud Crowd. You’ll notice that there’s a substantiate amount of Korean based content here, despite most people, myself included, not being able to read it (which I assume makes this place quite confusing for them). As well as these artists having their own tumblrs, deviantarts, etc., this largely comes from a variety of Korean hobby sites that I stumbled upon.

DC Inside American Animation Board:
At some point, I began browsing this site for content, but I don’t recall how or when. From what I can tell DC Inside is like a Korean reddit, and is where a bulk of the Korean content I’ve found comes from. A while back the Undyne threads on the /trash/ board came up with a guide, but the site’s rather intuitive, even if you don’t read Korean, and google translate can be a life saver.

DC Inside Guide:

8ch Korean boards: [old] & [current]
There are also 8ch boards that I assume stemmed from these sites, I presume to circumvent rules over censorship.

These are just other sites I stumbled upon, and I really don’t get them, but the former is easy enough to glance at.

Note: The Loud House in Korean seems to be 라우드 하우스 (Loud House) or 링컨의 집에서 살아남기 (Surviving in Lincoln's House)

Coincidentally, Loud Booru seems to be 라우드 부루
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Official Art
From the Loud Crew, themselves, it’s always cool to see what the people behind the show officially come up with: whether it’s their own fanart, news on the show, or behind the scenes pics like model sheets and character trivia. If you choose to look up official art, the official social media sites are the way to go, but following specific crew members can lead to even more stuff.


Note: With Instagram, if you have a smartphone you can access “instagram stories”. These are usually videos and images shared by accounts, and aren’t easily saved, being gone 24 hours after they’re posted.


Official Twitter:

Nick’s Twitter:

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Discords and ~Exclusive Content~
People tend to flock towards other people with common interests, and sometimes they want to personally communicate more. Thus, when people felt like the /trash/ threads failed, things like Discords began to start up. These tend to have their own memes and communities, not completely shared with each other or those outside them.

/tlhd/ or The Loud House Discord:
Also known as the “public discord”, this is the current discord promoted by /tlhg/ as an alternative place to discuss The Loud House. Housing artists, writers, and random people alike, it’s almost like a supplementary (or for some a replacement) to the threads.

Drawfriend’s/Content Creator Discord: --------
This discord is private, only open to content creators (writers and artists) wanting to converse with other content creators. However, if you desire to be in it you can either join the public discord and ask someone there about it, directly contact someone that’s in there, or be one of the few that gets asked to get in.

The details aren’t important, but here’s where quite a lot of the people who make the content you see on this booru hang out, from notable Western artists and even some Korean artists. Their interactions can generally be seen through the drawpile tag. It's hardly pretentious, if you make content, most anyone can get in.

Lewd Stream Discord/Lewd House Game: --------
The former isn’t really Loud House related, but popular artists are there and occasionally they post Loud House related content. The latter is for that visual novel game, but the same applies.
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The Usual Places to Find and Host Images
These are going to be your usual places that people tend to go to look for fanart or post it. In general, you’ll want to search for “Loud House”, “theloudhouse” or specific character names.

This seems to be one of the more active places of the fandom. From drama over shipping to drama over headcanons, for the most part, if you keep your head down, you should be able to enjoy a bulk of the art here.

General advice here is to search for “Loud House” or “theloudhouse” rather than just looking at “the loud house” tag, though you might end up looking at weed and people complaining that their houses are too loud. If you want to save an image go to “View Image” and change whatever number before the filename to “1280”, ensuring you’ve got the best size.

If you can, see if an artist has alternative sites, as tumblr resizes everything to 1280x1920 and under.

edit: there is a way to get the original size on tumblr as referenced in forum #228.

It’s also good to follow a variety of people as some don’t bother tagging their stuff, some stuff you end up seeing through reblogs, while others might make art as a reply to a post which doesn’t show up through searches.

The source of most cringe art and poorly made memes. I don’t really use Deviantart but you should be able to get by through searches and following artists or groups.
Saving images from here can be as simple as right-clicking “save as” or pressing the download button.

Notable Group:

Just as the official Instagram is there, so are a couple of artists. With #theloudhouse you can see a couple of people who posts original content, though be wary of reposts. Like tumblr, images can be resized to about 1080x1080, and saving them isn’t as easy as a right click.

For the most part, this is mostly just a place to get porn. Without a Japanese dub the show isn’t that known in Japan, but you’ve still got western artists that use the site and westaboos that make art.
Generally, you can get by just by searching “Loud”, but the cartoon tag is カートゥーン (kaatyuun) and though I don’t think it’s official, “Loud House” in Japanese is ラウドハウス .

Along with the official art, there are some artists who choose to use twitter as a place to host. You can either search #theloudhouse, loud house, theloudhouse, or try your luck with the names in other languages.

With that, I think that's all the basics.
1 years ago
Where exactly do I find the images of "ADullPerson"? He fucking rocks!
1 years ago
ADullPerson only posts his stuff in the /trash/ threads, the booru, and in the public discord.
If you can reach him, maybe you can suggest for him to try pixiv, or something.
1 years ago
Where do I find him on the public discord?
1 years ago
And might I ask, Antiquity, do you have a Pastebin account?
1 years ago
randomuser1245 said:
Where do I find him on the public discord?

I dunno, name's probably the same. Just ask around.
randomuser1245 said:
And might I ask, Antiquity, do you have a Pastebin account?

Not one I use.
1 years ago
Well, ADullPerson DOES have a Pastebin account, so I thought I could possibly message him like that. Problem is, I need to have a PRO account in order to do that.
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Artwork and Additional Story Writing by GregArt (grigori):

Support GregArt and/or EdenSpark Workshop for more Artwork; NSFW or otherwise:

GregArt commissions and additional artists commission Info Here:
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8chan's /delicious/ board
The mod of 8ch's /loli/ board has banned western loli art, saying it doesn't count as "real" loli. A new board has been made for western lolis, called /delicious/. There is a Loud House thread there, and you can ask for Loud House lolis in the drawthread (make sure to read the rules there beforehand.)
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Are the discords offline?

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