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-Art Class-

Leni: I'm very flattered that all of you gentlemen consider me an inspiration!
Shiki shiki! = Fap fap!



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The Woman of the Port

Lori: I sell my love to the men who arrive from the sea and leave in the morning... So that I may have love.
Woman: Do you like her a bit? Nobody knows where her hometown is, or where she came from.
Lincoln: Do you work, or study?
Lori: I work...and right now I am literally open for business.
Lori: Tell me, do you know the sailors from these sea routes? Do you know Lincoln Loud?
Linc: I know them.
Lori: So you know that Lincoln guy? His parents died, and he needs to know.
Linc: I already told you do! Why are you pressing this so much?
Lori: It's because I'm his sister...
Linc: Lori!
Lori: Lincoln!
Linc: Why didn't you remember me?
Lori: I've seen so many men by now, you all have the same face!
Lori: What a disgrace! I made love with my brother!
And I didn't even give him an offer!
Linc: Sniff! I am literally guilty and rich.

The last couple of sentences seemed kind of weird to me, so I might not have translated them right.

Based on the movie "El Mujuer Del Puerto" (The Woman of the Port.)



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Wat arrr yuo flucking gray?
Just kidding,it's perfect.
But i think that anon will came back and say that word again.....



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Cool new page


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* lights joint
Please continue.


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Lol the character she playing in the game is blushing


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I think that character is Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls (she has the same distinct hair style) so the girl she's fighting is probably Mabel Pines.


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Knock Up that Wood.


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She's gunna break his dick


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Why does ronnie's face look so weird, also lincoln's face at panel 6 makes me creeped out


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I think maybe it's because Ronnie's head shape is a little different here. Look at other fanart of her and you'll see that this Ronnie Anne's head is a little longer and narrower than usual.

I dunno, I kind of liked the ear biting. I don't see it that much, and I like seeing Ronnie Anne being submissive every once in a while.


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In second panel, Bun Bun has seen good shit...



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More Lola x Lana pls



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Welp, time to fire up the ol' disintigration ray!



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God bless America.

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