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Francisco is the name of the present pope.
P.S. Curious fact: I do not know in other countries, but the name "Francisco" usually bears the nickname "Pancho" which means hotdog in Spanish. Possible material for heavy memes.


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But still be happy that loudcest is not dead ok


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Somebody save lynncoln!! Please


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Too cute to die.


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When your boyfriend finally dies and you're free to smash again.


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Genderbent Ronnie Anne


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Finally yes


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Just like God, lynncoln's not dead it's shurly alive. It's living on the inside roaring like a lion. ~R1


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You know Francisco is not coming back nor the Ship of Lynn,



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Loud Twins Fight Over The Log Vol.4

Special guest, Lupa "Snowball" Loud



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Lopez vs Loud
Part 31

AMLO: Alright, there are the rules...
AMLO: When I do a bit where I'm explaining something, I don't want you to interrupt me...and don't break a single glass.
Linc: Don't worry, my family doesn't hear it when you speak to the viewer.
Beatriz: Wow, you must be the young Lincoln. My name is Beatriz Gutierrez, AMLO's wife.
AMLO: Him and his family will be staying with us while they deal with the matters of their visas and getting their daughter back from The Unnameable One.
Lucy: Isn't there anything depressing I can read?
AMLO: Don't just pop up like that!
Lucy: I found a bust of this person, it's somber and has a blank expression... I like it.
AMLO: Leave that bust of Benito Juarez in my office.
Leni: Old Lincoln, do you know Pedro Infante? Could you introduce me to him?
AMLO: I'm not your brother, and Pedro Infante is deceased.
Leni: That's not true, I saw him in black and white.
Lynn: Hahaha, don't tell me you know how to play baseball? My brother gives me bad luck when I play.
AMLO: There is no bad luck in sports, only bad sportsman.
Linc: Ooooooh
Lynn: Are you saying you don't know how to play baseball?! I bet you're so old... you don't even remember how!
AMLO: Is that a challenge, Miss?



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Where the Lacy R34 at? ~R1



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Good art, I still don't think the ship is valid at all yet though.

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